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Hypnotherapy in Canary Wharf for Weight Loss 

The practice is located at the Cannon Workshops (Unit 71) in West India Quay within a few minutes walk from Canary Wharf stations


We have a complex relationship with food that goes beyond the mere necessity to feed ourselves.

From our early days we learn that some of our most pressing needs can be met through feeding.    

Later in life food can serve several functions and bear different meanings. It is hardly surprising that during periods of stress, anxiety or unhappinness we may resort to using food  as a remedy or comfort. This often results in unhealthy and destructive eating habits. The intake of food can become part of a pathological defensive mechanism. We eat because we are unhappy or depressed but eating makes us  more unhappy and depressed so we want to eat more. 

In order to break such a pattern and achieve an effective control over our feeding habits we need to understand and correct the kind of emotional and psychological relationship we have with food.

Through psychological analysis and restructuring, food needs to be brought back to its primary function of maintaining a healthy body rather than being an addicion or a self destructive defensive mechanism.

Hypnotherapy, in conjunction with CBT psychotherapy can povide a formidable tool to achieve weight loss and weight control.

The psychologist can help you achieve such a goal by tayloring a specific treatment plan taking into account your personal history, needs, habits and personality traits.


You are welcome to call in order to discuss any personal issue and to clarify if hypnotherapy and psychotherapy can be the help you need.



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