Gabriel is  a chartered psychologist, member of the British Psychological Society and  of the Health Professions Council


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Hypnotherapy in Canary Wharf


The practice is located at the Cannon Workshops (Unit 71) in West India Quay within a few minutes walk from Canary Wharf stations



Hypnosis, sometimes also decribed as a state of trance, is a comfortable, safe, relaxing state of mind. While in such a daydream-like state you are more able to get in touch with your own subconscious processes.


This can only be achieved with your full cooperation and desire to enter into such a  creative state of altered awareness.


The therapist will guide you and assist you in moving the focus of your attention away from your analytical-critical mind to the deeper inner processes of your subconscious.


When in such a state of deeper awareness your subconscious  mind is more receptive to achieve change at a deeper level.


The therapist can facilitate change by placing positive suggestions into your subconscious mind or can help you regress to previous states of mind that may need to be reprocessed and reframed.


As the hypnotic trance is an ideal state to achieve change, CBT can be most effective when combined and integrated with Hypnotherapy. 


A specific treatment plan needs to be designed for each individual taking into account personal history, needs, requirements, habits, personality traits and personal goals.


You are welcome to call me to discuss any personal issue and to clarify if hypnotherapy can be of any help to you.


 CBT Hypnotherapy


  I offer a Hypnotherapy- CBT ( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)  integrative approach in order to achieve:

  • long lasting change of negative behavioural patterns and habits
  • cognitive  and emotional restructring
  • reframing of your reality
  • reorganisation of your toughts amd meaning-making structures
  • a more creative and productive attitude towards life
  • weight loss and weight control



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